what are the benefits?

Product Registration

“Extended” warranty coverage by having your full warranty period starting from the installation date instead of the shipping date from our factories.

Target messaging

Specific push messages are regularly sent in order to inform the user about new products, latest technologies, novelties about the Blue Network program.

Maintenance Support

Blue Network members can read Maintenance Plans and reference best service practices ! You will substantially increase the lifespan and performance of our products in the field. Maintenance Videos will also show you in practice how to service your product in the fastest and most efficient way. Finally, manuals will provide you the very detail of how to install, service and troubleshoot your product

Mobile application connected to Pentair servers

Instant access to all documentation needed to service the valve: manual, spare parts list, troubleshooting and detailed configuration… Documents are permanently up-to-date and thousands of pages of manuals and exploded views now fit in the palm of your hand!

Less paperwork, more reactivity and added value to the consumers, Pentair Scan app is the perfect tool to increase your sales and productivity.

Salt Reminder

Based on settings such as softener type, water hardness and household size, the Salt Reminder app reminds homeowners when salt needs to be added into their softener.

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